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To Be or Not To Be Independent – Consider the Implications

In the context of emotional intelligence, being independent means that a leader is capable of feeling, thinking, and working on his/her own.  Leaders that exhibit strength in this area welcome or request guidance from others, but usually make the ultimate decision.  They also accept responsibility for their decisions and mistakes, and acknowledge that people will [...]

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The Emotional Aspects of Problem Solving – Balance is Important

Leaders need more than just problem-solving skills, they need to work with problems where emotions are involved and recognize how their emotions impact their decisiveness. Leaders with strong problem solving abilities tackle problems head on without being distracted by their emotions. If this is a strength, you likely approach problem solving with logic and gather [...]

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Control Your Impulses – Think Before You Act

Impulse Control is the ability to show restraint in the face of impulses and temptations to act.  Leaders with high impulse control think before acting, which puts people at ease and promotes a feeling that the leader’s behavior and mood are easily predictable. This results in open and honest communication. Leaders with strong impulse control remain [...]

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Curiosity – The Power of Our Questions

I remember the time a senior leader said something during a small group conversation that motivated me to ask if he had an alter ego. He enthusiastically answered “Yes!”  He then shared that he calls his alter ego Nomar, which is his first name spelled backwards. As he talked about Nomar's persona, we discovered another dimension of [...]

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Our Judgments Get in the Way

As much as we all absolutely hate to be judged and evaluated by others, at some point we have all done just that to someone else. Even if we don’t speak the words going through our heads, our thoughts can be felt.  A person’s view of the world may not be the same as yours due to their [...]

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The Art of Connecting – Be Present. Be Focused.

In some ways email has disabled our ability to connect with one another in the workplace.  We can all think of a time when we or someone we worked with “hid” behind an email rather than demonstrate the courage to have a real conversation. The intentionality of connection can disrupt the rhythm of the workplace [...]

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Optimism – The Great Equalizer

While it is often said that “it's lonely at the top,” there are things that leaders can do to minimize that feeling of isolation. Something as simple as praising a peer on an accomplishment can cultivate an optimistic and encouraging atmosphere. Additionally, opting for “interaction over transaction” can have a positive impact on goal achievement, decision-making, and the extent to [...]

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Delegate to Develop

Individuals that lead differently understand the responsibility that leaders have for developing their people.  Delegation can be a powerful development tool.  Done well, it garners positive results.  It frees up the leader for more strategic pursuits and contributes to the organization's leadership pipeline. Developmental delegation does, however, require thoughtful planning.  The leader must slow down long enough to [...]

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Lead Differently – Focus on Personal Relationships

The quality of a leader’s personal relationships (with family and friends) is indicative of his/her ability to form professional relationships that drive team performance, and stimulate collaboration and innovation among peers, key stakeholders, and co-workers. As you read this article, think about a personal relationship that requires your attention or needs healing.  What is a [...]

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Change Your Mindset

Leaders often feel compelled to take on a great deal of responsibility to achieve the strategic vision of the organization.  Moving into the new year, try harnessing the power of delegation to lighten the load. Is it possible to assign tasks to your team to help lessen the burden of competing priorities and deadlines? Can [...]

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