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Our Judgments Get in the Way

As much as we all absolutely hate to be judged and evaluated by others, at some point we have all done just that to someone else. Even if we don’t speak the words going through our heads, our thoughts can be felt.  A person’s view of the world may not be the same [...]

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The Art of Connecting – Be Present. Be Focused.

In some ways email has disabled our ability to connect with one another in the workplace.  We can all think of a time when we or someone we worked with “hid” behind an email rather than demonstrate the courage to have a real conversation. The intentionality of connection can disrupt [...]

March 21st, 2017|Categories: Leadership Essentials|

Optimism – The Great Equalizer

While it is often said that “it's lonely at the top,” there are things that leaders can do to minimize that feeling of isolation. Something as simple as praising a peer on an accomplishment can cultivate an optimistic and encouraging atmosphere. Additionally, opting for “interaction over transaction” can have a positive impact on goal achievement, [...]

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Delegate to Develop

Individuals that lead differently understand the responsibility that leaders have for developing their people.  Delegation can be a powerful development tool.  Done well, it garners positive results.  It frees up the leader for more strategic pursuits and contributes to the organization's leadership pipeline. Developmental delegation does, however, require thoughtful planning.  The leader must [...]

Lead Differently – Focus on Personal Relationships

The quality of a leader’s personal relationships (with family and friends) is indicative of his/her ability to form professional relationships that drive team performance, and stimulate collaboration and innovation among peers, key stakeholders, and co-workers. As you read this article, think about a personal relationship that requires your attention or [...]

Change Your Mindset

Leaders often feel compelled to take on a great deal of responsibility to achieve the strategic vision of the organization.  Moving into the new year, try harnessing the power of delegation to lighten the load. Is it possible to assign tasks to your team to help lessen the burden of [...]

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