What are Your Triggers? – Emotional Self-Awareness

When leaders have a solid understanding of what triggers their emotions they can manage themselves and control the impact their emotions have on others. I once worked for a leader whose emotions could be triggered by something as simple as a question that he did not like. His aggressive and condescending response would silence the room. People became hesitant to ask questions or contribute [...]

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Communicate Standards & Expectations that Engage and Motivate

High performing leaders pursue purpose and enjoyment in their work.  The pursuit of purpose creates fulfillment that motivates these leaders to always be on the lookout for ways to optimize their own talents and the talents of their teams.  Leaders that pursue purpose challenge their teams with high standards and inspire them to surpass their potential.  If you [...]

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Lead Differently – Seek to Understand

Empathy is a key component of every leader’s emotional intelligence.  Covey calls it “seeking to understand.”  Imagine how different you would lead if you took time to gain the perspective of your boss, a peer, co-worker, or direct report. Some confuse empathy with agreement, but understanding does not require agreement.   It does require consideration.  The [...]

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Lead by Example ~ Explore the Opportunities

Build time into your calendar for a "Listening Tour."  It is a great way for you to engage your colleagues in a spirit of cooperation. Plan time to meet with other leaders in different parts of the business.  Have a few questions ready that cover key challenges, areas of strength and weakness, and major threats to accomplishing annual objectives. Schedule [...]

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