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Prepare Yourself for the Next Level

Combine the One & Done Coaching Experience with an Emotional Intelligence assessment for leaders for a 2.5-hour session with Dr. Kym.  This conversation will relate your ability to influence, collaborate, motivate, and lead to your EI strengths and opportunities. At the end of your One & Done you will have a plan for using your Emotional Intelligence to strengthen [...]

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In The C-Suite Business Leadership Trumps Functional Leadership

The executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles conducted interviews to explore the trends of C-level success.  One consistent finding across C-level roles surfaced. Once people reach the C-suite, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills and a strong grasp of business fundamentals. Members of senior management are expected not only to support the [...]

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C-Suite Success Requires Self-Management

A final component in the McKinsey report on successful C-level transitions dealt with self-management.  Just over half of the executives in the study reported they spent too little time preparing for the personal demands and their own readiness in the new positions. The executives with the most successful transitions, however, spent more time than others [...]

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The Role Culture Plays In Successful C-Level Transitions

One aspect of the McKinsey study that explored successful transitions into the C-suite looked at culture. It is an aspect of the transition process that can pose a challenge. Many executives believed they did not have accurate ways to measure or even describe it. This was especially true for external hires. Forty-two percent of the participating [...]

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Successful C-Level Leaders Leverage Their Teams

C-level executives in the McKinsey study on the successful transition to the C-suite acknowledge they did not have all the answers when they began their new positions. Most executives in the study said they relied on the input of their direct reports when determining solutions to the strategic problems they faced at the beginning of [...]

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Successful C-Level Leaders Share Their Vision On Business Priorities

Executives in the McKinsey study on what factors contribute to the successful transition into the C-suite, ranked business-related activities as the most impactful.  The majority of executives said it was “very or extremely important to create a shared vision and alignment around their strategic direction across the organization.” Executives reporting the most successful transitions stand [...]

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One & Done Coaching Experiences

Explore Your Options Here An extended coaching engagement isn’t always necessary. Sometimes a single conversation will move you forward. If that is the case, you may be interested in One & Done, which is a quick and impactful development experience. I offer three One & Done coaching options. Explore the choices and select the one that is best for you.

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Leading Diverse Talent – What it Takes

Demonstrate Vulnerability Leaders who successfully lead and develop diverse talent are students of vulnerability.  They let their guard down, put aside pretenses and share their stories to establish common ground.  These leaders are comfortable with not having all the answers, they listen actively, and freely embrace the perspectives, opinions, and thoughts of others.  This helps [...]

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Leading Diverse Talent – What it Takes

Sponsor “the Risk” The conversation regarding the advancement of diverse talent is often thought of in terms of risk.  Leaders that successfully lead and develop diverse talent willingly sponsor "the risk."  They understand that the perceived risk is no more or less than it would be for other individuals.  They build the relationships with diverse [...]

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Leading Diverse Talent – What it Takes

Challenge stereotypical thinking Leaders who successfully lead diverse talent have the courage to challenge the biased thinking of others. Negative comments and jokes targeting specific groups are squelched; and micro-aggressions are called out, not ignored. I was once in the presence of a leader who suggested that what was interpreted by one leader as abrasive (in his [...]

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