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Corporate Profile with Kym Harris GF: Who is Kym Harris? KYM: I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, auntie, friend, and significant other. I am a woman whose self-confidence comes from doing what I love. The passion I have for my work drives me to be among the best at what I do. I am resilient and [...]

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Essence Magazine – Black Women at Work

As we climb the corporate ladder, many of us believe we must leave our true identities behind. Here's why this strategy could be hindering our success. In our November issue, we revealed part one of an exclusive study with research consultants Added Value Cheskin. In it we found that Black women are increasingly concerned with [...]

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The Wright Answer – Building Confidence with Guest Dr. Kym Harris

As a young adult I aspired to be the person in charge, respected, and admired by others because I was able to make things happen and extremely good at my job. Looking back, I can objectively say that goal was accomplished. The one thing that I believe would have altered my career experience is greater [...]

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