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Corporate Coaching

The basis of my coaching model is the belief that “competence is more than performance.”  I employ tools that measure Emotional Intelligence to identify and target behaviors that when addressed increase leadership effectiveness. My partnership with organizations helps leaders cultivate relationships that enhance their ability to influence, collaborate, motivate, and lead.

Executive Coaching

This model offers executive and leadership coaching, which clearly identifies strengths and addresses relevant development areas.

Our one-on-one coaching involves the collection of feedback to reveal the impact of targeted behavior(s) and engages the boss and other key stakeholders in the development process. This offering also provides coaching that supports internal leadership development programs.

Team Coaching

We help prepare newly formed teams to effectively work together; and partner with existing teams to resolve issues that impact trust, collaboration and productivity.
Our process involves an assessment of the team’s strengths and weaknesses and results in a plan to move the team toward sustainable performance improvement.


Our on-boarding model supports the successful integration of new leaders into the organization.
We work with leaders to get the feedback they need early on, build the relationships critical for success, and create a strategy for becoming a valued and productive member of an organization’s leadership team.

Employee Resource Groups (Affinity Groups)

Our work in this area supports established employee resource groups and diverse employee groups through conference keynotes, lunch-and-learns, interactive workshops, webinars, and group coaching.
This experience provides a safe and confidential environment for individuals to discuss work challenges and career matters, and receive guidance from their coach as well as their peers. As a result, participants increase their problem solving abilities, strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills, and develop valuable career management strategies.

Retained Coaching Services

Your SweetSpot Coaching and Consulting offers coaching services on a retained basis.
We are paid a fixed monthly fee to provide a stated number of coaching hours. Specific projects beyond the monthly retainer are priced according to the scope and length of the project.

I’d love to partner with your organization to help develop your talent and strengthen your leadership pipeline.

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