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Individual Coaching

If you are experiencing any of these thoughts, feelings, or challenges, let me help you manage your career strategically, lead more authentically, and foster the relationships that matter.

Most of our clients received well-intended messages from their parents, and others who influenced their views on professional success to show up smart, work hard, and never let them see you sweat.  This heads down, hardworking approach to one’s career becomes the prescribed way to demonstrate value. This tactic to career management has its advantages… to a point.

There comes a time when something more, beyond the demonstration of intellectual prowess and subject matter expertise, is required.  These are the tickets in, but not always the most effective strategy for career growth.  The skills needed to gain advocacy, sponsorship, and support look very different.

Our Coaching Model: Comprehensive Competence®

Achieving the level of professional growth, leadership effectiveness, or career success to which most individuals aspire requires something we call Comprehensive Competence®.

We educate our clients on the six pillars of Comprehensive Competence® and establish strategies for applying the most appropriate pillars to their situation. We weave this model into our executive coaching and leadership development coaching with proven results. Combined with our coaching process or as a stand-alone professional development experience, the results speak for themselves.

Articulate your values

Articulate Your Values

Effective leaders share their stories, communicate their values with unquestionable clarity, and establish common ground with others. What can you share that would give others a fuller, deeper understanding of who you are?

Make visibility a priority

Make Visibility A Priority

Authentic relationships engender support, foster advocacy, and nurture sponsorship. They require a first step by at least one person willing to move beyond their comfort zone. In whom should you invest more time? Who needs to know you? Whom would you like to invest time in you?

Practice vulnerability

Practice Vulnerability

Fear silences your voice and limits your action. What risks are you avoiding? How do you fail? What is your teachable point of view?

Increase your airtime

Increase Your Airtime

Effective career management requires presence on the radar screen. Who are your thought partners? Whom do you ask to share their ideas, insights, and resources?

Initiate Feedback Conversations

Initiate Feedback Conversations

Honest, specific, and constructive feedback is a tool that can quantum leap your career forward. What are three words others would use to describe you?

Take Care

Take Care

How you feel affects the quality of your interactions, the strength of your decision-making and your overall effectiveness. How well are you taking care of yourself?


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