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Leading Diverse Talent – What Works

Consistent feedback and coaching with clearly stated intentions for success The ability to deal with ambiguity is an organizational competency that too often leads to derailment. Leaders that demonstrate success leading diverse talent ensure role clarity by clearly communicating expectations and identifying key stakeholders. They initiate honest conversations about what success [...]

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Ready for Some Feedback?

Try Our One & Done Development Experience for Leaders The best way to get comfortable with feedback is to get plenty of it.  The easiest way to get started is through self-assessment and reflection.  The One & Done Development Experience for leaders combines the One & Done Coaching Experience with an Emotional [...]

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Don’t Demonize the Messenger

A study conducted by Francesca Gino, a professor at Harvard Business School, revealed that people tend to move away from those who provide feedback that is more negative than their view of themselves. They do not listen to their advice and prefer to stop interacting with them altogether. When it [...]

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The Make or Break of Feedback

How you respond to negative feedback can be the difference between success and derailment.  The key is to not confuse feedback about your behavior with feedback about who you are. No one is good at everything.  Consequently, we are all bound to get constructive feedback at some point in our lives. [...]

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Open the Door to Feedback

“She said she wanted honest feedback.  When I give her feedback, she gets defensive and shuts down the conversation.”  These were the words of a frustrated leader whose senior leader opened the door to feedback and then quickly shut the door when the feedback was provided. While many leaders understand the [...]

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The Basics of Feedback

In her book Radical Candor, Kim Scott describes feedback in this way:  Positive feedback should help people know what success looks like.  It should “communicate explicitly what is valued and give people a chance to repeat success. It is not about making people feel good.”  On the other hand, constructive feedback should "help [...]

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