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Prepare Yourself for the Next Level

Combine the One & Done Coaching Experience with an Emotional Intelligence assessment for leaders for a 2.5-hour session with Dr. Kym.  This conversation will relate your ability to influence, collaborate, motivate, and lead to your EI strengths and opportunities. At the end of your One & Done you will have a plan for using your Emotional Intelligence to strengthen [...]

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In The C-Suite Business Leadership Trumps Functional Leadership

The executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles conducted interviews to explore the trends of C-level success.  One consistent finding across C-level roles surfaced. Once people reach the C-suite, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills and a strong grasp of business fundamentals. Members of senior management are expected not only to support the [...]

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Enhance Your Workplace Community

A team that works collaboratively works like a well-oiled machine.  Interdependent relationships are enhanced, communication is heightened, and accountability is high.  As your team’s leader, what have you done lately to promote cooperation within the team?  If you haven’t given it much thought here are three suggestions: Conduct update meetings that help team members understand each others’ roles [...]

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Communicate Standards & Expectations that Engage and Motivate

High performing leaders pursue purpose and enjoyment in their work.  The pursuit of purpose creates fulfillment that motivates these leaders to always be on the lookout for ways to optimize their own talents and the talents of their teams.  Leaders that pursue purpose challenge their teams with high standards and inspire them to surpass their potential.  If you [...]

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Leverage – Strong Relationships

Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships can have immeasurable returns, in terms of providing a supportive network to buffer the negative effects of stress, and promoting a positive team and corporate culture. When relationships are not as strong as they could be, a leader’s impact on the organization may be marginal. Loyal and trusted colleagues create the [...]

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To Be or Not To Be Independent – Consider the Implications

In the context of emotional intelligence, being independent means that a leader is capable of feeling, thinking, and working on his/her own.  Leaders that exhibit strength in this area welcome or request guidance from others, but usually make the ultimate decision.  They also accept responsibility for their decisions and mistakes, and acknowledge that people will [...]

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The Emotional Aspects of Problem Solving – Balance is Important

Leaders need more than just problem-solving skills, they need to work with problems where emotions are involved and recognize how their emotions impact their decisiveness. Leaders with strong problem solving abilities tackle problems head on without being distracted by their emotions. If this is a strength, you likely approach problem solving with logic and gather [...]

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Change Your Mindset

Leaders often feel compelled to take on a great deal of responsibility to achieve the strategic vision of the organization.  Moving into the new year, try harnessing the power of delegation to lighten the load. Is it possible to assign tasks to your team to help lessen the burden of competing priorities and deadlines? Can [...]

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Increased Visibility Builds Relationships and Increases Your Airtime

As we move into the end of the fourth quarter, it’s easy to become laser focused on what needs to be accomplished by year end.  While all of this is important, remember to balance the work with relationship building.  Remaining conscious of this balance will ensure that you are visible across the organization and create opportunities [...]

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Promote the Culture ~ Coach Cooperation

What have you done recently to promote cooperation within your team? A team that works collaboratively operates like a well-oiled machine. Try conducting team meetings that promote an environment of information sharing through individual updates. Ask each person to move beyond providing information by also sharing how other members of the team can help or [...]

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