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If you are experiencing any of these thoughts, feelings, or challenges,
Dr. Harris can help.

She understands the unique challenges of Black career women and coaches from a vantage point of real experience. Her value proposition in this area is one of perspective and objectivity.

A Unique Perspective

Dr. Harris’ perspective offers genuine acknowledgment of what the client is thinking and feeling. Her objectivity promotes increased self-awareness and helps to develop the acumen needed to “show up” more effectively. While grappling with career challenges and obstacles is not unique, women of color sometimes face special challenges, due to the microinequites that are part of their lived experiences.

Strategies That Work

Dr. Harris understands the opportunities that diversity creates in the workplace. She is committed to helping Black career women establish strategies for enhancing their career experience and achieving confident success.  She is taking action to:

  • Educate Black career women on the competencies needed to effectively respond to career challenges.
  • Equip Black career women with the ability to achieve fully integrated and joyful lives.
  • Create a platform that gives visibility to the issues that are important to Black career women

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