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Having enjoyed 20 plus years focused on talent and leadership development, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to masterfully manage and negotiate a successful career. My lessons come from helping senior leaders identify and develop their high potential talent; conversations with other leaders working to navigate organizational cultures; and from my personal experiences and missteps as a leader and executive. What I know for sure from all of this is that competence is more than performance – a fact that many high performers don’t consider. The more, which I link to Emotional Intelligence, includes behaviors that influence trust, credibility, relationships, and perceptions of capability. Take a moment to explore my coaching services for corporate leaders, individuals, and women of color to gain insight into how you can enhance your effectiveness by strengthening your more.

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Your SweetSpot Values

Client Centered

Our coaching experience is shaped by the development needs and goals of the client.

Flexible and Compassionate

We appreciate that change is not easy and blend accountability with support for effective first steps and bold quantum leaps toward the desired behavior change.


Our interactions with clients are straightforward and genuine with a commitment to personal growth and increased professional effectiveness.


We emphasize collaboration in our coaching and serve as strategic thought partners and trusted advisors.

Without Boundaries

Distance does not lessen the connection, rapport, or results that we achieve with our clients. We cultivate strong coaching relationships and attain undisputable results via phone, Skype, and face-to-face coaching sessions.

Having and holding fast to a core set of values creates a foundation for delighted clients and consistent business growth. The values of Your SweetSpot Coaching and Consulting are designed to ensure that our clients “show up” as the best possible version of themselves.

Our Coaching Model:
Comprehensive Competence®

A model that blends personal authenticity with performance results for maximum career success.

Strategies for Moving Beyond Performance

Client Feedback

“Words alone do not describe just how amazing Dr. Kym has been as my coach.”

“She truly has a passion for encouraging, motivating, advising, and challenging her clients to reach their full potential. With her authentic, transparent, and relatable style, she offers practical tactics that work.

Since becoming a client, I’ve been able to build relationships with several senior leaders, which ultimately opened doors to multiple opportunities. By implementing strategies that focused on the areas of collaboration through thought partnership, continuous feedback, and vulnerability (like sharing information that I considered “off limits” at work) I’ve establish stronger partnerships, enhanced my personal brand, and my organization saw record high improvements in agent level survey results.

So, if you are thinking about a coach or looking for a surge in both your career and/or personal life, I’d definitely recommend working w/ Dr. Kym.”

Monica Alexander, Enterprise Director Care Tools Adoption, Time Warner Cable
Dr. Kym Harris has years of experience as a leader in human resources and solid academic credentials as well, but what makes her most effective as a leadership development professional is her powerful presence. When Kym presents before a group she is all there, and her honesty and vulnerability, combined with her knowledge and competence, create an extraordinary developmental experience for the audience. It is impossible to grow until you can see yourself clearly, and Kym both tells us and shows us how to do that. She understands the unique challenges women and particularly women of color face, but she also goes far beyond that to speak to each of us as human beings – and helps us all be more humble and more courageous.
Lyn Turknett, President, Turknett Leadership Group
I had the opportunity to attend a National Women’s Conference where Dr. Kym Harris, facilitated a seminar. Within minutes into her presentation, I knew that Dr. Harris was the right Executive Coach. I was in need of a coach who could assist me through workplace change and provide me with strategies to conquer the second season of my career. Dr. Harris’ on stage presence exudes “confidence,” with control levers around emotional intelligence! Dr. Harris is the right coach for that professional executive who’s looking to leverage their “potential and passion” and not be blindsided by nebulous emotional character in the work environment. I am a true testament that one year of coaching can make a difference.
brenda morrowBrenda D. Morrow, Public Relations, Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Dr. Kym’s style is very personal and individualized to your situation. She is very honest and encouraging while providing an objective assessment of your situation. I worked with Dr. Kym via Skype, which I highly recommend if you live outside of Georgia as I do. I was given tasks to complete and my sessions were very structured. What I really liked is that she is not a “clock watcher.” The sessions did not end until we reached our goals for that session… Dr. Kym has shown me that I can achieve all of my career goals and I plan to utilize her again as I move into the next phase of my career.
Stephanie J. Gilliard, Health Care Attorney
Dr. Kym is an executive coach like no other. Using the tools, resources and advice she has provided me I have grown leaps and bounds professionally and personally. Dr. Kym brings balance, stability and the voice of encouragement even in the toughest situations that leaders such as myself face in corporate America. If you are looking for a people driven + results driven coach then you are looking for Dr. Kym.
Krishna Powell, MHCS, HR Business Partner, Molina Healthcare
I began my coaching experience with Dr. Kym Harris during a significant transition in my career. Through practical activities coupled with her direct, yet tactful, delivery of suggestions I am a changed person and a much more effective leader who is pleased to say that my transition went more smoothly than I could have imagined. Dr. Harris provided me with a great deal of personal attention through tailored coaching sessions that consistently met my needs and exceeded my expectations. Dr. Harris has the remarkable ability to form a deep connection while maintaining a professional relationship. Throughout the coaching experience, I felt supported and challenged and as a result, I now feel confident and prepared. Dr. Kym Harris receives my highest recommendation as an Executive Coach.
Keri McDonald Pridgeon, Vice President, Center for Black Women’s Wellness
In the 6+ years that I’ve known Kym, she has been my work colleague, business partner, coach, and mentor. I’ve always admired Kym’s vision, but I’ve come to respect and appreciate her competencies in strategy creation, organizational development, and program design. Kym recently put these skills on display at Emory Law School, as she worked with our senior leadership team on a major change initiative that will transform the way in which we interact and deliver services to our students. Kym was instrumental in the conceptualization and planning of this initiative, and she spearheaded the initial implementation stages of the project. Kym is a consummate leader and a talented executive. I am happy to enthusiastically endorse her as both a professional contact and a trusted advisor.
Kevin B. Moody, SPHR, Human Resources Executive, Emory Law School
Dr. Kym Harris is a consummate professional and one of the best speakers I’ve heard and I’ve heard a lot! In a recent women’s leadership seminar with an audience of over 60 business executives and professionals, she made a flawless presentation. I was extremely impressed with everything about her presentation – including the rich content and her ability to connect with the audience through real world examples. But perhaps the most impressive of all is Kym’s authenticity as a person, and how she integrates her own story of growth and development as a leader, demonstrating both personal vulnerability as well as true character.
Susan Hitchcock, Advisory Board at Turknett Leadership Group
It is a coach’s job to help find and magnify our greatest strengths, but “coach” does not begin to cover it. Dr. Kym is also a scout, seeking out opportunities that help you advance; a teammate, working with you to overcome obstacles to your goals; and a referee, with the courage to make the hard call even if you do not want to hear it. Best of all, she is a cheerleader, reminding you of your talents and your capacity and encouraging you to go for it. Dr. Kym is the most valuable player on my team.
Tracey Howard Holmes, Director, NFL and Strategic Partnerships, United Way Worldwide

Dr. Harris is a highly qualified executive coach who shares her unique talents in working with clients to resolve challenges they are struggling with– simple and complex; and address issues that prevent them from achieving the success of which they are capable. She proved to be the perfect executive coach to assist in both my personal and professional development. With a quick grasp my situation, effective listening, and a knowledgeable review of past testing tools, Dr. Harris offered effective strategies to help me excel in all areas of life. Providing a balance of care, competence, and structure Dr. Harris was invested in my progress and utilized motivation, encouragement, and skillful coaching techniques throughout our coaching relationship.

Although I have attended numerous professional development workshops, completed 360 feedback reviews, worked with management coaches and consultants, I made more progress and had more “a ha” moments while working with Dr. Harris than in all of the other development opportunities combined.

Lynn Waymer, Vice President, Communications and Community Engagement, KPJR Films
EQ-I 2.0 Certified

EQ-i 2.0

EQ-i 2.0 focuses on the impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace and offers strategies for working more effectively with direct reports, colleagues, supervisors, and clients.

Judgement Index

The Judgment Index®

The Judgment Index® is a value-based assessment tool that provides insight into decision-making capabilities related to people, processes, and strategy – all critical aspects of effective leadership.

Birkman Certified Consultant

The Birkman Method®

The Birkman Method® is a personality and social perception assessment that helps increase understanding of individual differences in behavior and motivation.